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I’m currently working on a collection of interior fabrics that are easy to move from place to place, and that can be taken off/applied to a variety of existing structures-- including blankets, pillows, and curtains, as well as a line of knitted fabrics that act as slip covers for chairs and tables. I’m thinking about this in the context of temporary living spaces, and the act of building home within a space haunted by a multitude of invisible & intertwined stories. Above I included sketches and sample work for this project. .   

Chair Sweater Collection, 2023 Industrial machine knit, double bed machine knit, crochet, polymer clay, gouache

Using warm and familiar yet patchy textures and imagery, my collection is inspired by the tension between what’s comforting and what’s unfamiliar or unsettling. Here are some initial prototypes for this project-- I’m working to make the design more durable. 

Some of my past work thinks more about the interior textile creating a landscape of fiction and exaggeration, and the ways in which we map our surroundings through storytelling-- questioning where the line is drawn between fiction and experience, as well as symbiotic relationship between personhood and landscape. The image above shows some of my work installed together for a final critique in 2022. 
.          .

Above: Inside Out Curtain, 2022 dye and silkscreen on muslin, machine sewn 
Below: Bunched Together Duvet, 2022 dye and silkscreen on cotton, machine sewn 


Sun Comes Up, 2022 hand skein dyed cotton and wool roving on 8-harness floor loom, repurposed + painted lamp, ribbon, beads, wire


Forest Grid, 2024 Handmade + dyed kozo paper, fabric scraps, crocheted wool, embroidery floss, repurposed yarn cones, gouache

Walk in the Woods, 2022 Tapestry woven on floor loom, hand embroidered